Small Hydraulic Cranes

Sea Cranes

Crane magnifier Drive Shetland offer a full range of Sea Crane Operating Safety Courses to increase your safety, awareness, efficiency & confidence towards Lorry Cranes and associated equipment.

Our Instructors have had many years' experience of crane operations - they too started out as operators, and then trained as Instructors/Examiners.

All courses are run by  Lantra approved instructors This ensures the highest level of training whether you are in the construction industry or landbase industry

Our company believes that operators who have received certified training have less accidents. This, combined with continuous monitoring of operators, will help to improve Sea Crane Operating Safety.

Lorry Cranes

Lorry Crane magnifier A course for any person who is required to operate lorry mounted cranes.

The course aims are to teach the relevant job safety knowledge and practical skills to enable the safe and efficient operation of hydraulic lorry loaders, to persons involved in the use of this type of equipment. The course also covers general slinging, hydraulic attachments (where applicable) and the communication of instructions through a signaler. The course is run in accordance with Lantra guidelines and is intended for both novice and experienced operators

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