Emergency Fire Appliance

Fire Appliance at Scatsta Airport magnifier To ensure safe and effective driving in response situations and to equip fire service drivers with understanding and attitude awareness and its effect of driving in emergency situations.


  • Demonstrate full control of the fire appliance under various road and traffic conditions
  • Demonstrate the correct attitude towards driving and explain its importance
  • Fire Engine at Sullom Voe Oil Terminal magnifier Explain the need for concentration
  • Explain the need for anticipation and planning in becoming a good driver
  • Recognise the causes of driving stress and explain 'red mist syndrome' and the effect risk taking has on driving
  • Demonstrate a calm and controlled driving style, in both response and non-emergency situations


Venue: To be advised on joining instructions
Duration: 4 Days
Refresher Period: 3 years
Assessment: Final assessment drive combined with continual assessment over the course

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